Friday, February 20, 2009

A Shocking Loss

I lost a pound this week. I'm kind of shocked. I was doing so well journaling. I was on a 13 day streak until this past Sun. when it all fell apart. The only two things I really ate from Mon. through yesterday was toast with butter and iced cookies. And I didn't write them down. I also didn't exercise as much as I should have. So the loss was surprising. I'm back on track with journaling today...yay! I'm going to break my 13 day streak.

Also, I'm getting back on track with exercising. I need to step it up for 2 reasons. The first one being that I still want to do the 1/2 marathon in May. I might switch that to the 5K depending on how the next couple of weeks go. I realize it's a 10 mile difference, but I don't know if I can realistically be ready for the 1/2. I don't want to injure myself. Not too mention, B said she would do the 1/2 marathon in Oct. with me and for once I don't have a wedding that weekend. The T-S extravaganza is the weekend before. The second reason I have to step it up is I am in 4th place in the Cardio Challenge right now by the skin of my teeth. JT is hot on my heels and I know she's been going to the gym. But I'm going to kick her arse ;-). That's right, I said it. The gauntlet has been thrown.


Anonymous said...

that's right, i'm catching up. now i'm even more motivated.....J