Friday, February 27, 2009

Cardio Challenge

Yay! I'm in 3d place now. I'm working my way up the ranks.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I learned at WW

The women who man the scales at my meeting can't count even with a calculator. I've been a little disappointed with my weight loss since the beginning of the year. Not too mention it seemed a little off, but I couldn't figure out why. It seemed like my weight loss in '09 should be a littler larger. And then I took a look at my little booklet and realized that the WW ladies can't subtract.

Silly, silly me has just been adding up my losses as listed in my book and not really paying attention to my actual weight. I mean, they USE A CALCULATOR. But alas, one week they had listed my loss as 2.4 lbs. when in actuality, it was a 3.4 lb. loss. So adding my minute 0.4 lb. loss from this week to my corrected previous weight loss, I am down a total of 4.6 lbs. so far in 2009. Yay! Here's to another 75 lbs. so I can reach goal!

Also, I worked out 5 times this week. Yes, I'm patting myself on the back right now. Watch yourself, JT ;-).

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Shocking Loss

I lost a pound this week. I'm kind of shocked. I was doing so well journaling. I was on a 13 day streak until this past Sun. when it all fell apart. The only two things I really ate from Mon. through yesterday was toast with butter and iced cookies. And I didn't write them down. I also didn't exercise as much as I should have. So the loss was surprising. I'm back on track with journaling today...yay! I'm going to break my 13 day streak.

Also, I'm getting back on track with exercising. I need to step it up for 2 reasons. The first one being that I still want to do the 1/2 marathon in May. I might switch that to the 5K depending on how the next couple of weeks go. I realize it's a 10 mile difference, but I don't know if I can realistically be ready for the 1/2. I don't want to injure myself. Not too mention, B said she would do the 1/2 marathon in Oct. with me and for once I don't have a wedding that weekend. The T-S extravaganza is the weekend before. The second reason I have to step it up is I am in 4th place in the Cardio Challenge right now by the skin of my teeth. JT is hot on my heels and I know she's been going to the gym. But I'm going to kick her arse ;-). That's right, I said it. The gauntlet has been thrown.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm irritated that I only lost -0.4 lbs. this week. I never should've gotten on the scale at the gym. Then I wouldn't have expected a bigger loss at WW tonight. Here's what happened. Last week I got on the scale at the gym after I had worked out on Wed. I had really only been on track since Mon. At WW the next night, I was 3.2 lbs. lighter than I had been when I got on the scale at the gym.

Yesterday, I got on the scale at the gym and, lo and behold, I was down 4.2 lbs. from what that scale had said the previous Wed. So I was all excited. I thought I was going to have great loss tonight at WW. I couldn't wait to the meeting to WI. I was actually on time instead of strolling in about 5 mins. late. But then I got on the scale at the meeting, I was only down 0.4 lbs. from the week before. Which leads me to believe that the scale at the gym is on crack. I'm not getting on it anymore. I never should've gotten on it in the first place.

I'm also irritated by the little loss because, as of yesterday, I had religiously journaled for 10 straight days. And I didn't cheat at all. I wrote down every single thing I had shoveled in my fat little face. Even the day I ate 45 points. Also, I didn't use all of my bonus points. I only used about 2/3 of them. And I went to the gym 4 times in the past 7 days. I feel like I should've lost more weight this week. It's irritating!

Not to mention, my irritation at the small loss is overshadowing the fact that I have been journaling and exercising regularly for almost two weeks. Which is fantastic. I can't remember the last time I journaled for 10 days in a row (today is the 11th). I suspect it was sometime in the early part of 2007, when I was actually losing weight. I also can't remember the last time I worked out 4 times in seven days. Again, it was probably sometime in the beginning of 2007 when I was training for the Indy Mini. I'm going to try to get over my irritation.

I do have to say, that although I accurately journaled for the past 10 days, maybe I didn't make the best choices. I was a little light on the fruits and vegetables. I work on that for the next week and see if that makes a difference.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Glad to See Her Go

Yay for no more Joelle on The Biggest Loser!! However, I am sorry that Carla had to leave with her. It would have been nice if they could have just voted off Joelle. That seems to be the general consensus. Joelle had more excuses for not working hard or losing weight than there are grains of sand on the beach. I'm really glad that I don't have to put up with Joelle for the rest of the season like I had to with the Villianess Vicky. Okay, enough being mean.

I'm up 0.6 lbs. this week, but I'm not too worried about it. I probably would have been up more than that had I weighed in last week. I hadn't been paying too much attention to what I was eating plus I had a cold. But I got back on track for the last half of this past week - I journaled everyday and started going to the gym. I plan to continue both of these things this week.

Book Review: The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl

This is a fabulous book. I absolutely loved it. I would highly suggest anyone who is in the middle of a weight loss journey or has completed their weight loss journey read this book. It's a true story about an Australian girl (Shauna Reid) who weighed 351 lbs. and proceeded to lose half her body weight (literally) over the course of five years and two continents. And she blogged about it the entire time. She survived the journey by creating her blogging alter ego - Dietgirl, who is a superhero. That little synopsis definitely doesn't do the book justice. The book is extremely funny and inspirational. And it makes me want to move to Edinburgh, Scotland. Anyway, read the book!

By the way, Shauna Reid is still blogging at .

Monday, February 02, 2009

The Steelers are the Champions of the World!

I'm ecstatic that the Steelers won the Superbowl last night. Yay for the first team to have 6 Superbowl wins! Yay for James Harrison's interception and 100 yd. return for a touchdown! Who knew a big linebacker could run so far? Yay for Santonio Holmes being the MVP! He finally earned his salary for the year and is a Buckeye alum we can be proud of. Okay, I'm done with yay-ing.

I didn't post last week because I didn't WI. It was very snowy and icy last Thurs. and I didn't want to take my life into my hands. Anyone who lives in Central Ohio knows what I'm talking about. For some reason, they don't know how to properly plow the roads here. If you combine that with the fact that people who live here don't know how to drive in the snow, it's a dangerous situation. I like being alive, so I didn't venture out of the house.

I did have a loss on the scales the week before. I am down -2.4 for the year so far. Hopefully, I've maintained that loss for the past couple of weeks given the Superbowl gorging last night and the cold I had. We'll see on Thurs.

Other new things: (1) I'm reading a great new book - The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl. I highly recommend it as it's amusing and inspirational. (2) I started a new challenge with the usual suspects, but there's a twist. It's not a weight loss challenge. It's a cardio challenge. Whoever logs the most cardio minutes over the next few weeks is the winner. So far, I'm probably losing as a result of the aforementioned cold.

Okay, that's all for now. More to come later this week.