Monday, October 08, 2007

Almost Run Over at Starbucks

I almost got run over in the parking lot at Starbucks this morning. No joke, I know I tend to exaggerate on occasion, but this time I'm serious. If I had not jumped (literally) out of the way, this guy would have backed over me! Clearly, he should have taken some time in Starbucks to drink some of his coffee to wake up. I will have to take more care in the Starbucks parking lot in the morning - crazy people who don't look behind them when they start to back up their vehicle go there. It's a dangerous place.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Stunning Results

I lost 4.6 lbs. this week. I have no idea how it happened. For the past week, I have been doing much better at following the program, but I didn't think I was overly successful. Since last Friday, I've had homemade mac-n-cheese, lots of beer, bratwurst, german potato salad, pizza, grilled cheese, french fries, reeses cups, and pad thai. Not exactly the best choices when one is trying to make a lifestyle change and lose weight. In fact, listing all that stuff out, how did I think I was doing better at staying OP? Maybe I just did a good job at portion control? I have no idea. And it wasn't exercise because I haven't really been exercising. I'm utterly baffled, but I'll take it. Hopefully, it won't bite me in the ass the next couple of weeks. Generally, I'll have a big loss and then either not lose any weight or gain a little weight even though I'm OP. It's frustrating and I pray it doesn't happen the next couple of weeks.