Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Back...Again

After a long 3 month absence, I'm back in business. It's ridiculous how many times I stop and start this blog. I'll be suprised if I have any readers left. Actually, I'm suprised I have any readers at all. It's not as if this is an especially exciting blog, but it is occassionally therapeutic.

In honor of my return and the passing of over 1/3 of this year, I'm going to give a status update on my New Year's resolutions:

1. Reaffirm my commitment to lose weight and continue losing weight. Status: ABYSMAL. I've pretty much been lazy and yoyo dieting for the past 5 months. This must change in the next 7 months. My goal is to average a loss of 5 lbs. per month for the rest of the year. May the force be with me. And I'm also going to make every effort to update my blog at least once per week.

2. Train for and complete 2 half marathons. Status: Fallen by the wayside. I didn't do the Indy Mini this year as I had planned. See the previous paragraphy regarding being lazy. This resolution has been changed to train for and complete 2 races this year. Distance doesn't matter. So far, I'm signed up for a 10K (walking) in Sept. and I'm going to sign up to do a 10-Miler with Kmbuckeye in Aug. I've already started training for the 10-Miler. I'll keep you updated.

3. Get out of debt. Status: On track. Finally, a resolution I have been actively working on. I've have taken some big steps towards getting out of debt. And it all started with saving money to pay taxes for 2007 because I was an independent contractor. I saved about $4000 more than I needed because I was petrified that I would come up short at tax time. This has allowed me to pay down on my debt and actually have the beginnings of a savings/emergency fund. Go me.

4. Move out of my brother's house. Status: Completed. Though not exactly in the manner I intended. I moved in with my parents, two younger siblings and two dogs. I was also lucky enough to take my princess, Nanook, with me, so now there are three dogs. It all came about around tax time, when I was figuring out how much extra money I would have to help out with Resolution No. 3. I did the math and realized if I moved in with the 'rents that I would be able to cut my debt by almost half by the end of the year. That was enough to convince me. So far, so good. No blood has been shed.

I guess completing 1 resolution and actively working on 1 resolution is not too shabby when the year isn't even half over yet. At least I still have 7 months to continue working on the other 2. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck.