Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm totally stealing the scale from my hotel room. I love it. It's completely broken and I love it. Everytime I get on the scale, it says I weigh 130 lbs. I don't know that I've ever seen that number on the scale (except in passing as the numbers whirled by to my actual weight).

The first time it happened I thought maybe it was showing kilograms or some other alternate calculation of weight, so I got off and checked and it definitely said lbs. So then I thought I just misread it, but no, it really is just broken and it's just broken. And I want to take it home.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Actually, this post is going to involve planes and motorcycle. I am currently on my way to Atlanta for a conference. And there was a small "to-do" on my flight. A girl fainted in the middle of the aisle on her way back from the bathroom. Luckily, we were going into our final descent, so she didn't have long to wait to get off the plane. But the EMTs were called and met the plane on the tarmack and we had to wait for them to get her off the plane before we could get off. It was kind of cool to see the firetruck racing across the tarmack to meet our plane. The girl seemed fine and was able to walk off the plane. This is the first time I have ever been on a plane where the EMTs had to meet the flight and I've been on lots of planes over the past 27 years.

Now for odd observation no. 2. I saw the most ridiculous thing last night as I was driving on the freeway. This motorcycle came racing up behind me and passed me. I was somewhat annoyed because he was tailgating me and I don't like motorcycles near me. I'm afraid I'm going to run them over. In any case, this guy on the motorcycle looked like the stereotypical big, bad, tattooed, biker dude complete with a massive Harley. And then I glanced at his feet after he passed me...he was wearing bright orange Crocs (with black socks, I might add). WTF? Who wears Crocs to ride a motorcycle? He looked ridiculous.

In other news, weight loss efforts still aren't on track, but I'm working my way there. I won't WI this week because I'll be in Atlanta. I'm a little concerned about this conference. A lot of the food is provided as part of the conference, which is good, because this is going to be an expensive trip even with the scholarship I got to attend. But it's also bad because it means I own't really have a say in what I get to eat.

I did bring my running sneakers and workout clothes though. My hotel is right across from the Olympics Centennial Park, so my plan is to jog/walk at least a couple of times. I definitely need to get my ass in gear because I signed up to do the Dub Crawl 4-Miler on July 31 with JT. I'm not really concerned about the distance, but the amount of time it will take me to go the distance. The finish line will be all packed up by the time I get there. Oh well, I get a free tech tee, a free ticket to the Dublin Irish Festival and a $20 gas card for signing up and doing the race. I'm game. I would also like to note that upon completing this race and the one in Sept., I will have met yet another one of New Years resolutions (revised). Yay for me.

Friday, June 13, 2008


How did it get to be the middle of June already and I haven't posted anything since I stated I was going to blog once per week? Argh... Maybe it's because I don't really have anything newsworthy to report.

I skipped WW this week in order to clean the house so it wouldn't be disgusting upon my mother's return from her vacation. I did go last week and hopefully the number I saw on the scale will give me motivation to get my ass in gear. I haven't seen that number since my 2L year of law school - so since about 2004. Wow, that's a really long time ago. That's just great...I've managed to lose and re-gain the same 20 lbs. in the 4 past years. Aren't I a winner? Grrrr... Ok, enough self-hatred. It's time to move on and focus on the positive. Maybe if I tell myself that enough, I'll begin to believe it again.

That's it for now. Hopefully, I'll be more cheerful in my next post.